International Employers' Club

The Association «International Employers’ Club» is a platform for interaction between universities and employers on the issues of training and employment of specialists in international markets.
The International Employers’ Club is:

Students and graduates from 157 countries of the world

Partners in 40 countries around the world

Events with the All-Russian Association of Career Centers, which includes 35 leading Russian universities

Relations with associations of graduates of Russian/Soviet universities abroad

Projects for the interests of club members

Mission is to train specialists who meet the requirements of the modern international labor market by combining business and educational institutions.


  • Recruitment and training of personnel to work in the international arena;
  • Promotion of company brands in the international markets;
  • Formation and development of an international business environment related to educational projects;
  • Involvement of employers in the development of

educational programs, scientific research and career events;

  • Implementation of joint projects of student initiatives

interesting to a modern employer;

  • Involvement of students in the implementation of business

projects of participating companies and partners of the club.

The Chamber is a non-governmental, non-profit organization, and a part of the system of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation. The legal basis for the activities of the MCCI is mandated by the law of the Russian Federation
«On Chambers of Commerce and Industry in the Russian Federation», the law of Moscow «On the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry». Moscow CCI unites more than 3800 companies from different sectors of the economy of Moscow - small and medium-sized enterprises, large businesses, non-profit and educational organizations, overseas offices of foreign companies.


  • Organizes business events of the Moscow Government in foreign countries and regions of Russia.
  • Actively cooperates with other organizations and business associations in Russia in the framework of providing assistance to entrepreneurs of Moscow and regions of Russia, as well as foreign partners.
  • Collaborates on a regular basis with the Special economic zone TECHNOPOLIS MOSCOW, numerous Moscow technology parks and innovation clusters.
MCCI includes 24 Guilds, 39 Committees, and the Expert Council on Innovative Development. Guilds and Committees of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry are professional and industry associations of high expert status.
  • MCCI has signed more than 140 cooperation agreements with foreign Chambers.

  • There are 45 Commissions of MCCI on foreign economic relations with partners in foreign countries (covering more than 50 countries). The main goals is to establish international relations, support the foreign economic activities of Moscow companies, promote products to foreign markets, search for reliable partners, inform about economic and legal conditions of doing business in foreign countries and support foreign partners.

  • The Chamber maintains permanent contacts with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russian Federation, embassies, consular departments and trade representations of Russia and foreign countries in orderto organize and conduct of B2B meetings, business missions, seminars, conferences and webinars.

  • The Customs Consulting Center of MCCI regularly holds conferences with the invitation of representatives of the Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation and provides advices on customs operations.

  • Compliance Consulting and ESG Centre provides advisory support in different spheres including sanctions compliance.

  • One of the main directions of the activity of the MCCI is the activation of relations with the regions of Russia and foreign countries in the framework of the development of joint activities and programs for cooperation between entrepreneurs.
  • Consulting and providing services in the field of foreign economic activity (including the services of the MCCI for certifying documents and the invitation of foreign partners to the Russian Federation);
  • Organization of collective stands at exhibitions in Russia and abroad;
  • Conducting 100% online exhibitions on the MCCI’s platform – Business market;
  • Compliance Consulting and ESG Center;
  • Customs Consulting Center;
  • Inter-Regional International Center for Certification, Verification and Methodology of Sustainable Development and Social Projects based on the network of Chambers of Commerce and Industry;
  • Mediation;
  • Expert and Methodological Center for certification (provides a full range of expert services);
  • International Employers' Club;
  • Analytical Center of MCCI;
  • Competition «Moscow Quality».



  • Its area is more than 2.5 thousand square kilometers
  • There are more than 12.5 million inhabitants


  • 12 administrative districts
  • 146 smaller territorial units: 125 areas and 21 settlements

State power of Moscow

Legislative power

The highest and only permanent legislative (representative) body of state power of the city of Moscow is the Moscow City Duma
Executive power
The executive power is represented by the Government of Moscow (as the highest executive authority) headed by the Mayor of Moscow, as well as functional, sectoral and territorial executive authorities
Judicial power
The judicial power in the capital is an integral part of the judicial system of Russia and includes the Moscow City Court, the Arbitration Court of Moscow, district courts, magistrates, as well as other judicial bodies established in accordance with federal legislation